Now is the Time to Book Your Holiday Event 

By Carol Lathrop |


Don't let the hot weather fool you. Now is the time to reserve a venue for your holiday party. Create a great experience for your customers or employees by following these tips.

  • Hire an event planner before you sign any contracts with venues or vendors. A good planner will help you avoid tricky contract requirements and negotiate pricing, which will help offset the cost of hiring them.  
  • Book the main pieces of your event sooner than later. Event Planners, venues, DJ's and caterers are already booking for the holiday season. If you want to get your preferred date, now is the time to book.
  • Create an interactive activity for the attendees. It's all about the attendee experience! This is a great way to enhance employee and customer retention. 
  • Be sure to tie your organizations goals and objectives into your event. This is where the return on investment comes in. If one of your goals is to help your employees work better as a team, be sure to include a memorable team building activity.
  • Follow the Candy Crush plan . . . give them a prize for showing up . . . give them a prize for each accomplishment throughout the event . . . leave them with a memorable parting gift at the end.

Holiday parties are one of our specialties. Call to reserve your date today.